Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Buh-Bye!

All I can do is one thing.

Say Cheers!

We got through the year 2016.  I must say 2016 really wanted to throw some last minute punches at everyone and go out scathing everyone in its midst.  So many people died.  What gives?  I felt oddly struck that Prince died.  Man didn't see that one coming and turning the year's winding road we find Carrie Fischer died along with her mom, Debbie Reynolds.  I mean, wow, that is heartbreaking 2016. 

There, of course, are others who died that are worth mentioning, but I wanted to share the only two that really got be dumbfounded- Prince and Carrie Fischer.  I was saddened that Prince, an artist I use to like more so was now gone.  Mind you, I do like some of his music, but not all of it.  He seemed like a poor soul searching for meaning to his life and relying on escapes such as through a temporary name change that he used and drugs to feel enlightened.  

Carrie Fischer, on the other hand, had to rely on drugs because she's bipolar.  A heart attack inevitably claimed her life at 60 years old.  And her mom, heartbroken, died of a stroke a couple days later. Wow.  That is devastating.  I know Mark Hamill responded to Carrie's death with that word- devastated,  But I just find the present tense more suitable for the family.  It's devastating and it's a heart-wrenching situation for them to face together during the holidays.  The memory of Carrie Fischer will be a hard one to cope with.  

I don't remember much of Carrie Fischer outside of Star Wars.  I know she acted briefly with Seth Green as his character's counselor in the movie Austin Powers.  I heard she was in When Harry Met Sally too.

As for me, the new Star Wars trilogy will not be the same, knowing that Carrie Fischer is dead.  It does put a damper on anticipating the future upcoming films.  I hope she, along with the others who have died are at peace.