Thursday, April 28, 2016

Go onward in life with a punch.  Ready to break down walls and barriers between people.  Be that mighty superhero to someone in life.  That urge is real and what drives me to propel through life.  I want to get back to my roots.  Volunteer and be out there doing something.  Essentially being a doer. It's a calling to fight the good fight and better this world.  I am striving to be a helper and not a yelper who complains about things. Will you join me?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April Showers Bring Purple Flowers

I can't begin to disclose what I am feeling.  Another month is almost through and who knew all that would occur?  I feel like a flower that has been closed up during the winter months and with some life giving water, been revived and am blossoming now.

I'm ready to flourish- aren't you?

Monday, April 25, 2016

I want to be like a tree...

A tree is so much to me.  It offers shelter during a storm and shade from the harsh sun in the dead heat of August summer.  Trees are a provider of abundant air that we breathe and need.  I want to be needed in such a fashion.  To be vital to someone.

Trees are sturdy and stand their ground.  Something I seek to be able to do in trying situations.  Despite wind, trees stay grounded.

Some trees provide fruit and nourishment.  I want to nourish others and sustain them just as tree fruit gives sustenance to those who eat it.  Trees are a joy as well.

Trees provide leaves that bring laughter and joy during the autumn when they are raked in piles for kids to jump in with others.  I want to offer something of joy to others in my life.  To share a part of me.

Trees endure the changing seasons.  Their branches stay lifted up even in the cold winters.  I would like to uplift others during the sunless days of bleak winters.  I want to give just as trees give and comfort others.

Rain wears me down just like a tennis ball that is soaking wet that doesn't bounce as high.  I do not bounce up cheerfully when it downpours.  My fun is over and I seek shelter.  Shelter in the truth of God and His Word.  I am not over the top religious, but I enjoy honoring God in my life.  I don't and make an effort to not judge others in the hopes that I am not judged.  On the court, I am judged by my play and perseverance.

The tennis ball may bounce lower in my court, but I propel that ball over the net and offer it to my friend on the other side of the court.  I don't give up and rally along even if it is raining in my life.  

Manic Monday

Prince performing at Gallaudet University on November 29, 1984 (Photo: Courtesy of the Gallaudet University Archives)

While I am not a huge Bangles fan, I did take time to listen to "Manic Monday."  The first Monday that the musician Prince has been gone from us.  He wrote the song "Manic Monday."  I do like some of his songs that I listened to during my younger years.  I've changed over the years, but his songs bring up memories.