Friday, September 19, 2014

Screening My Time

Life is complex- no doubt about that.  Funny how being married can further that complexity.  I have yet to completely understand my hubby and wonder if I ever will.

It seems easier figuring out my young son who is endless in his questions about everything, saying he'll marry me.  My husband on the other hand doesn't pound me with questions at all.  I guess he has figured me out pretty well or thinks there's nothing more to be curious about.

I surmise we have gotten into a routine of things.  Quietly coming to an agreement about things in an unspoken manner.  We each have made our niche.  But while this is true, some part of me screams for bluntly change.  Something that will spice up our lives.  If it calls to act inane than so be it.

I feel that this journey of life offers more than what we have been doing.  We've been glued to the screen.  Not just any screen, mind you, but the TV, cell phone, apps, computers, etc.  These have taken the place of people in our routine lives.  I really do miss the times spent just playing a board game even let alone a good conversation with someone.

What I fear for my child is that he will grow up with inadequate conversational skills. I feel I am not alone in this anxiety.  There needs to be an off time when we are not plugged into our electronic devices.  

And with that- I am going offline to read a book after having lunch with two of my good friends :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Constitution Day

On this Constitution Day, there comes to mind of endless things.  The eagle bird that represents freedom and our country.  These freedoms are the rights endowed to us all by our Creator.

The U.S. Constitution lays out how things should be run, not only in government, but on a personal scale too.  There is a reason we have articles and amendments that set boundaries of how each branch can operate that impacts our lives.

The trouble begins when one branch, namely the executive branch, decides to practice out of their established perimeters.  The president is doing this with disregard to how our Founding Fathers wrote up the constitution.

How is it that the president can move congress laterally in his decision making and policies?  And the bigger question is how come congressional politicians and we, ourselves are putting up with this behavior?

The list of abuse of power is extensive.  The commander-in-chief has made changes to Obamacare, welfare requirements, and U.S. immigration law without approval from congress and us.

He seems to think to gain citizen approval, he has to be the one who approves of his own changes to make that happen.  Instead, he's alienating himself from the public who are growing more discontent with his reckless notion that he can do a better job of re-working his policies without the insight of congress and following the constitution.

And that is the working of a real class act of someone who is delusional in thinking his own ideas are flawless.  He needs to consort with congress and have a reality check.

That he is not above the U.S. Constitution and remember that especially today.

It's Constitution Day!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Taking a Bite of the Big Apple

New York is in its own realm of existence.  No, literally I mean that.  The first glance I had of it was in the airplane at night.  There were so many sparkling bronze lights it made me dizzy and excited.

I was in New York!  You know the Big Apple and everything.  I got off the plane and saw the banner CNBC New York over a store that housed magazines, books, and galore.  Then I headed to the train and went to my hotel.

The next day I ventured to the Central Park Zoo, hoping for a terrific showing of Alex the Lion from "Madagascar."  He wasn't there- not even his relatives.  I mean seriously there were no large mammals and I was baffled.  The zoo was rather diminutive and sparse.  I'd say it wasn't worth my money to see it.  I was done walking around it in around an hour.  Now, that is sad.

Some other things I saw were the Statute of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Empire State Building at night lit up.  Now, those made the trip worthwhile.  They seemed so larger than life and meaning so much.

Is it War?

Yes, I am back!  I was on a trip to New York recently and have not deposited any thought provoking material here.  Not that I am saying my pondering ideas are profound, but hope they are at least amusingly informative.

On my plane ride back towards the West Coast, I happened by chance to come across the news.  Well, Fox News to say the least.  The topic was about the dilemma in the Middle East.

Is it well, flat out war?  There is speculation that it's along the lines of just policing action.  The mentality of this approach dampens motivation to get real results.

In reality, if one person goes into a territory and another tries to kill you- this would be viewed as war by many people.  It's hard to go in with just a supervising approach- second guessing whether to kill or not.  The mindset of troops and the morale has to be crystal clear.  

It's up to debate on how far the U.S. will go in its role in Iraq and Syria.  While all this is being argued, I keep asking if it was premature to withdraw from Iraq.  Did the Democrats push for the removal of troops in Iraq back in 2006 irresponsibly?

It's rather annoying to think the U.S. withdrew too early, leaving Iraq vulnerable for a group like ISIS to take over.  The president of the U.S. and his democratic party just don't have the hindsight or the know how in truly managing a problem like we had and now have in Iraq.  

They pushed for the removal of U.S. forces without looking at the consequences much like how a bouncer at a club leaves the bar unsupervised and chaos erupts.  I mean really, it is as simple as that.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Panda In Me

So why the panda that I saw at the zoo a while back?  Because sometimes I'm like a panda.  I just nibble on a stick and bite it in half.  I grind my teeth and have to snap something :)

Constitution Empowerment

Listened to Shane Krauser on the Constitution.  It's sad when there are people who think the Constitution is evil.  It gives us the power, and limits the government in how they use their elective power.  It has guidelines that stop the government from being intrusive.  If only we would go back to that mindset and enforce the Constitution.  Then government would not be allowed to abuse their power. Men and women who hold political office cannot be trusted and the Constitution protects us (who are free) from their agendas.  The Constitution and Declaration of Independence outlines our inherent rights that are to be protected from abuse conducted by the government.

Former Democratic President Woodrow Wilson said that people are not free.  When in reality we are born free.  We have unalienable rights that God endowed us with.

I am amazed at how some do not know that Democrats did not vote or push for slavery to be abolished.  It was the Republicans that advocated this under Lincoln.  Likewise it was the Republicans who pushed for women's right to vote.  The Republicans brought real change to this country- not the Democrats.  At least from a historical perspective based on the elimination of slavery, etc.  The only change that Democrats seem to push for is the amount of administration needed to enforce rules that they advocate for and expect us to end up paying for it out of our own pockets.

It is wretched thinking how Government keeps getting bigger and bigger.  And Democrats want us to fund their ever growing bureaucracy.  Democrats believe in Big Government, and GOP wants to shrink Government size and the cost of it.

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson wanted to amend the Constitution about how Congress has the power to borrow money in Article I. Section 8?  It's absurd that there is no amendment to put a cap or limit on how much Congress can borrow.  Republicans want to put a limit on spending.

The Democrats use our tax dollars to enforce more laws and policies that intrude on our lives.  And take away some of our rights.  I mean they even want to take away our second amendment right.

Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California, said that if she could she would take 100% of all guns away from everyone.  She would get rid of Amendment II. The Right to Bear Arms.

I don't know much, but I strongly do not like being told what to do and view that we should be allowed to keep the fruits of our labor.  And not have our money fund ridiculous parties and golf outings that Obama likes to have to be seen as a celebrity.

Recently, Obama only talked about ten minutes about a journalist, James Foley, who was beheaded. And then went back to golfing- which was of course a more serious matter to him and to us all.  He doesn't believe he needs approval from Congress or the people in dealing with whom we war with in general.

It's disheartening to be reminded of how the politicians work.  Who here thinks Government should follow the rules?  What's the rule book?  The Constitution of the United States of America.

File:United States Constitution.jpg     
From the Constitution Convention