Friday, September 19, 2014

Screening My Time

Life is complex- no doubt about that.  Funny how being married can further that complexity.  I have yet to completely understand my hubby and wonder if I ever will.

It seems easier figuring out my young son who is endless in his questions about everything, saying he'll marry me.  My husband on the other hand doesn't pound me with questions at all.  I guess he has figured me out pretty well or thinks there's nothing more to be curious about.

I surmise we have gotten into a routine of things.  Quietly coming to an agreement about things in an unspoken manner.  We each have made our niche.  But while this is true, some part of me screams for bluntly change.  Something that will spice up our lives.  If it calls to act inane than so be it.

I feel that this journey of life offers more than what we have been doing.  We've been glued to the screen.  Not just any screen, mind you, but the TV, cell phone, apps, computers, etc.  These have taken the place of people in our routine lives.  I really do miss the times spent just playing a board game even let alone a good conversation with someone.

What I fear for my child is that he will grow up with inadequate conversational skills. I feel I am not alone in this anxiety.  There needs to be an off time when we are not plugged into our electronic devices.  

And with that- I am going offline to read a book after having lunch with two of my good friends :)

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