Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Constitution Day

On this Constitution Day, there comes to mind of endless things.  The eagle bird that represents freedom and our country.  These freedoms are the rights endowed to us all by our Creator.

The U.S. Constitution lays out how things should be run, not only in government, but on a personal scale too.  There is a reason we have articles and amendments that set boundaries of how each branch can operate that impacts our lives.

The trouble begins when one branch, namely the executive branch, decides to practice out of their established perimeters.  The president is doing this with disregard to how our Founding Fathers wrote up the constitution.

How is it that the president can move congress laterally in his decision making and policies?  And the bigger question is how come congressional politicians and we, ourselves are putting up with this behavior?

The list of abuse of power is extensive.  The commander-in-chief has made changes to Obamacare, welfare requirements, and U.S. immigration law without approval from congress and us.

He seems to think to gain citizen approval, he has to be the one who approves of his own changes to make that happen.  Instead, he's alienating himself from the public who are growing more discontent with his reckless notion that he can do a better job of re-working his policies without the insight of congress and following the constitution.

And that is the working of a real class act of someone who is delusional in thinking his own ideas are flawless.  He needs to consort with congress and have a reality check.

That he is not above the U.S. Constitution and remember that especially today.

It's Constitution Day!

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