Friday, August 22, 2014


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Photo by Dale Preston

One thing I love about Fridays?  I get to fry at the beach.  Hence Fryday.

But Friday is not just a day for me to fry in the sun.  Friday is also Pry-day.  It's the time I really can find out what the scoop is on well- peeps.  I get to pry into their lives.  Get a glimpse as to what has been going on in their lives and making them tick.  Not necessarily the maddening tick when someone is pissed off.  Though those reads are amusing or funny some of the time.  Nor that specific tick known to pest you when you are outside enjoying the outdoors.  What I'm talking about is something obscure.  I'm referring to what makes us continue onwards- ya know "tick."

I mean hanging out with people makes me tick.  It energizes and gives me joy.  Most definitely love makes my heart tick.  Memories are formed as the inner timer ticks away.  As I hear the tick of the clock, I reminisce about things.

Yes, I have gotten to that point wherein I like to recollect the jolly good times.  Sometimes I yearn to be innocent again.  Not exposed to such filth in the world.  Life hardens you or desensitizes you as you age.  I have even forgotten to feel apathy towards some traumatic events. Mind you, I am not heartless, but am like- I've seen that before and it does not inspire any emotion. I'm like that when I watch movies.  I'm not moved like I use to be when I first dealt or saw it.

Maybe the reason is that I have seen the same story line or scene too many times.  it doesn't phase me or anything.  I do get wired up about real life events.  I feel something inside.  My heart ticks and slowly bleeds at the horrors I have seen.

It is like we are all on a timer and everyone has one that is set in motion.  My fear is that there will be a day when the timers coincide and when set off- chaos will erupt.

I don't really know where I am going with this entry.  Honestly, these are just my vague thoughts as I live in sunbathing paradise.  These thoughts- they tick on in my head.  All I know is that it's Friday- so tick on, and pick something to pry about this Pry-day :)

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