Sunday, August 10, 2014

Affection Perception

Affection Display

     The one place you can find public displays of affection are at the park. So it's pretty common that around every now and then you see couples walking hand in hand.  Glancing around you might notice children playing with their families and then suddenly your gaze happens to fall on a couple of teenagers who have seen one too many Nicholas Sparks movies. I mean sure they are there in all their glory while making some of us uncomfortable.  Like, get a room.  Duh, there are kiddos around here. But in regards to kids- what has become of public displays of affection between parent and child?

      It is a rarity by chance to witness open acts of affection between parent and child.  It does sadden me that what I do more often than not see is disciplinary action and vocal scolding over misbehavior.  While I do believe there are situations that call for it, I have come to the conclusion that it is frequently needed because children have been conditioned to think it's normal to throw a fit out in public.

      There are countless movies that have conditioned our children.  One specific movie comes to mind that I saw once.  The movie Problem Child that was commercially successful in presenting a rebellious child who made mayhem.  Granted it's unrealistic as it centers around a child that is a rebel who ends up being the hero.

     And that's the problem- movies and television glorify the children to become misfits or troublemakers.  They give them the false belief that being disobedient empowers them just like it did or does for the young heroes on the screen.  The children harness this norm that it is okay to act this way.  And this leads to outbursts in public settings.

     The reality is there are not enough movies and television shows that encourage good parent and child relationships.  Instead parents and children are socialized to believe that they are pitted against each other.  It's a test of wills, etc., etc.  Unfortunately it's scarce to behold parents lightly patting their young ones between the shoulders or even giving hugs.  Instead of hugs, personally I find myself as a spectator of a tug of war scene.

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