Saturday, August 16, 2014

Changing Shades

My hue has altered.  I am not the bubbly summer time chica.  Rather I am becoming a brooding, and dwelling on things gal.  And I am not sure where this is going but here are my latest thoughts.

Sure, I know it's due partly to the inevitable change in seasons.  I feel it in my bones and am wired this way.  But maybe it's just the fact I miss my father.  You see, my birthday is coming up and it's hard to take sometimes without him being there.

I keep being nagged with that gnawing feeling- is he proud of me?  I wonder if he is ashamed of me for any apparent reason.  God only knows and so does my father.

I lost my Dad when I was in high school. The reality of losing my Dad is really noticeable at key moments in my life.  I wish he was around to share my moments and I can see his reaction, etc.

I don't mean to all of a sudden go sentimental on you or anything.  These are just some recollections I have that I ponder on every now and then.

Anyone else conjure up a memory of someone after reading this?

File:"Rest in Peace" (5895024822).jpg

Photo by Phil Sangwell on July 2, 2011

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