Monday, August 18, 2014

Welcoming the Storm

I admit it.  I hate chaos and disorder overall.  I am hesitant over change or reluctant towards it.  I like consistency and structure.  I like keeping the system.  Yet I have found myself in a pickle.

I mean to say the variable of change is not related to societal structure.  It rather deals with an alteration in my own life.  I am becoming full aware that I no longer represent a youthful tone.

Face it, I am out of it.   I have come to realize that I do not have an inkling of what's trendy for the teenagers out there.  I know some fads but not enough to deem me a cool hipster- if that even is a mainstream word anymore for the youth.

I hardly pay attention to the teen geared movies out there. I rarely pick up a blue-ray copy of them at the movie rental store.  I didn't see "Prom" or "The Perks of Being a Wallflower."  The only Wallflowers out there I know play music. The music band Wallflowers are led by Jacob Dylan (son of the rocker Bob Dylan).  They were a hit in the late 1990s.

 But like I mentioned, I just am not interested in teen thrillers anymore.  Sad to say, that is one phase I have grown out of in passing through this life.  In fact, I have sprouted or shot out of some pastimes that I did when I was a young thing.

As I have outgrown my juvenile days,  I find myself usually not interested in the music that young tweens listen to. Sure, I like maybe one or two songs that were recorded by some young teenage artists.  There's a song by One Direction that actually is pretty good . The song "Story of My Life" is a catchy tune.   And some Taylor Swift songs, etc. are not that bad.  But for the most part I find the next generation's music rather lacking in depth.  At least the songs coming from teenage music groups.  The music sounds the same, but has a twist to it.

I have come to terms that I am still the same in some respects too.  But I believe life has changed or twisted my tastes in things.  For instance, my taste in foods has altered.  I now like eating some spicy foods, when as a teenager my taste buds could not handle them.  Strange, eh?  I also feel that there's more strange things that will shape my life.

I guess my point is I don't know what I'm going to evolve into.  What or how will my mind be shaped differently?  I don't acknowledge myself to be a coming of youth girl anymore.  I am past that.  Also, I feel I am not a wise sage either gained from heaps of lifelong experiences.

What has been bothering me is a certain notion.  It's a nudge that has inched into my mind.  The idea that I am facing a coming storm.  A storm of magnitude seems to be on the horizon.  It is escalating and going to wash away the old me, and bring in certain new.

I wait before the calm of it.

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