Saturday, August 16, 2014

A New Way to Wash Hair

What's not to hate about shampoo?  I have talked to my gals and face it- there is nothing like detergents in shampoo to stir up a girl-to-girl talk of lamenting about our hair state.

The ingredient sodium laureth sulfate is what dries the hair out and makes it necessary to use conditioner, hair leave-in treatments, etc.  But it is also what makes our scalp feel clean just like how we think our clothes are clean from detergent.

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Mind you, I have heard that shampoo might not exist in the future in maybe five years from now.  Is that possible???  There is a brand out there named Purely Perfect that sells Purely Perfect Cleansing Cream for a good $40 bucks.  It does not lather, and is free of all the harsh chemicals that leave us frazzled along with our hair after using sodium laureth sulfate and silicone based shampoos.

Purely Perfect Cleansing cream does not consist of the harsh ingredients that dry our hair.  It has aloe vera, rose flower, peppermint, and evening primrose oil. These key ingredients factor out the need for other hair products.  It's massaged into wet hair and rinsed out after a few minutes of being on the scalp.

Supposedly it works on all hair types. I think we will hear or read more reviews on its effectiveness from first hand people we know once it is on the shelves at let's say Target or Wal-Mart.

That being said, the product is a dry shampoo that claims it eliminates the time to cleanse hair and make it manageable.  Also, Purely Perfect's Cleansing Cream is biodegradable and is environmentally friendly for the earth.

The  creator of Purely Perfect is Michael Gordon.  He also started another business called Bumble in 1977 that eventually marketed its well liked product line in the 1990s.

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