Monday, August 18, 2014

Face the Race

                “We must face the race with good pace,” a personal sincere quote of mine that I truly believe in whole heartedly.  This means we should approach and face each other, despite our colored background symbolized by our brown, white, yellow, and black skin.   It also means to give an outward good face to those around us who have a cultured upbringing different from ours.  How is this achieved?  This is not achieved by segregating ourselves as those in the past have done to each other out of malice.   Due to historical behaviors conducted by hate motivated individuals, the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause was eventually ratified in the United States.  The amendment applies to persons of color.  This equal protection allowed for affirmative action to be approved down the road.  The idea behind it does make some sense to a point. There must have been a reason for it and a need for it to stay established in society.

           There was already something established within society.  The stereotypes that developed and brewed hatred based on race.  All of this does promote segregation which causes isolation and fear.   Cultural integration is significantly important.  

The opportunity for social integration in the workforce is important but standards should not be lowered for this to occur.  It's about equal opportunity to work while supporting cultural diversity too.  The person hired should meet the criteria for the job- no matter what race he or she is on the application. If the most qualifying candidate is of color- well that's great.  But if he or she is not qualified, then the choice should be obvious.   

What I view more imperative is how the young interact.  It's more crucial for social integration to occur within the school systems.  This gives them the cultural exposure at an early stage in life.  This interaction is necessary to foster goodwill between individuals of different backgrounds and race.  It does break down barriers that exist due to the socialization that we received, and do receive from prior generations.

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