Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Lovey Dovey Moment

A Cherished Note

The brisk wind pulling my hair strands behind my ears.  It is refreshing to get outside and enjoy the glorious day.  I haven't felt so at one with nature as I have this past weekend.

I feel connected to the Creator of nature and  my
soul hums a tune.  I had my lovey dovey moment.  I felt really boundless love towards my own young child.  Sometimes I hold him and close my eyes.  I picture him as a wee baby or a little older and feel endless love.

And to think this sentiment that fills me up is nothing compared to God's love for us.  A parental love that goes beyond comprehension and imagination.

I only get a glimpse of that love.  And it brings me such peace just like the dove symbolizes.  Today my lovey dovey moment was overflowing of both love and peace at the same exact moment.

Image at top by Kai Stachowiak                                                                              Image by Gerd Altmann

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