Monday, January 9, 2017


It's funny, I live in the desert and I get cold like it's zero degrees.  I feel that cold at least.  Part of it might have to do with my Midwestern upbringing.  I hear how cold it is over there and I shiver.  I shiver from not just cold temps but thoughts as well.

Fearful thoughts plague me as I get older.  Will I be able to live well and healthy enough for my family.  To take care of them and such.  I worry about these and the only thing I can do is pray about it.  That and try to be healthy.  This is hard when food options involve pizza, ice cream, etc. I ate plenty last year.

The New Year is upon me tho and new beginnings.  I am hopeful that I shed the extra pounds I have piled on myself.  Also, I am striving to busy myself with activities that will enrich my life.  I dwell on my health and well-being daily.  I have a family to be around for and need to be in better shape than I am in currently.

These are just New Year rants.  I think we all go through them at some point.  I mean we all want this year to be better than last year.  I'm no exception, here.