Friday, August 22, 2014

Just Letting The Gas Out


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So I found out there is an international treaty that nations have ratified.  It concerns chemical use in warfare. After reading the prior two sentences, you might be like that's already known- gee this blog is mundane or worse lame.

But what I am disclosing here is about tear gas.

The Chemical Weapons Convention in 1993 banned tear gas agents for use during war.  All the nations in the world signed this agreement- this does include the United States of America.

But why then is tear gas used during riots?  I mean it is thought to be less bothersome.  But when I researched, I discovered that tear gas is more toxic than you think. The gas causes damage to the lungs (pulmonary), heart and liver.  It can cause miscarriages too.

Tear gas is referred to as CS gas and is an aerosol that dissolves other active substances and easily evaporates.  It consists of 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile that is solid at room temperature.  For less severe cases, tear gas just burns the eyes, throat and skin.  Any contact the CS has with moisture on the skin will create a burning sensation.  The tear gas has a vomiting effect and causes prostration also.  The aftermath effects may last for hours.

Worldwide there are around 15 different types of tear gas that have been created.  Currently in the U.S., CS is used due to its supposedly less toxic effects.

My question is why do we use it in the first place?  I mean if it's not allowed in international wars- then why is it used in riots within our borders?

Do you think it's fair?  There are risks that were mentioned in this blog to take into consideration. The damage to the lungs, heart and liver.  Even more seriously, there's the issue of unborn life that the government has to answer and be held accountable for in regards to their mortality.

 I just hope I am not pregnant and meet tear gas by some twist of fate.  These facts frighten me and I felt compelled to post this blog to make aware of what tear gas does do to people.  I see the Ferguson situation and I now know what risks these protesters are taking- but do they themselves realize them all?

That is the question that bothers me.  And I hope that the info. here will make someone if not lots of people inform others of the dangers of tear gas.

"Pass this gas" info. fast.

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