Saturday, October 11, 2014

Spiraling Thoughts

What makes you happy?  I like to put myself in what I regard as my happy place.  No, I am not talking about a specific place necessarily.  At least not a physical place comes to my mind.

It's rather a path or spiral of thoughts that I am referring to.  There are two different paths that the mind takes at every moment of the day.  And while life events occur momentarily, I find that it's the dwelling afterwards of these events that occupy us the most.  

I find I dwell upon the wrongs of situations a lot.  This leads to a downward spiral of dark thoughts. Sometimes it's hard to break surface from these destructive views.  Often distracting myself works wonders.  I am a master at it from anything to reading interesting material.  I just make do with what I crave for at the moment.

Even if that is chocolate- a rarity but something I do consider occasionally.  I try not to munch away my doldrums.  I either face them head on or get over them on some playing field.

It does feel extremely good to hit something or kick at a ball.  Plain and simple.  It's called pent up frustration that just needs its hooks made loose to spring forth and pounce on....well a small Nerf ball.

Yes, this can subdue almost anyone.  It does work in some incidences but other times I just need to scribble my thoughts down to understand myself.

If I am in a pickle, I can rely on my hand written words to evince my true feelings.  It is necessary for me to pen my thoughts, my anxieties, hopes, and cares.  And pettish pain in the rear occurrences that happen and plague the living.

Mind you, I don't impart these feelings and bother you with some of my troublesome thoughts.
No, I try to deal with the inner beast and aim an arrow at it.

An arrow that breaks me free from irksome thoughts.  And often this is what happens.

I have learned to focus and meditate on my happy place.  It's about controlling a string of thoughts, forcing them to be positive, yes, but to conjure up a memory that was as divine as it gets.  I think of events that made me happy, who I was with, recall how I felt and the joy that was there during the events.  I don't just stop there, I hunt through my pushed aside happy files and download them to my frontal lobe.

I relish the memories and keep thinking of past memories that made me sublimely elated.  I keep doing this until I am in a much better mood.

Simply put, it's mind over mood.  So, kick your dark inner files that have become a virus in your brain system.  And reboot the way you think and process your thoughts.

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