Monday, April 25, 2016

I want to be like a tree...

A tree is so much to me.  It offers shelter during a storm and shade from the harsh sun in the dead heat of August summer.  Trees are a provider of abundant air that we breathe and need.  I want to be needed in such a fashion.  To be vital to someone.

Trees are sturdy and stand their ground.  Something I seek to be able to do in trying situations.  Despite wind, trees stay grounded.

Some trees provide fruit and nourishment.  I want to nourish others and sustain them just as tree fruit gives sustenance to those who eat it.  Trees are a joy as well.

Trees provide leaves that bring laughter and joy during the autumn when they are raked in piles for kids to jump in with others.  I want to offer something of joy to others in my life.  To share a part of me.

Trees endure the changing seasons.  Their branches stay lifted up even in the cold winters.  I would like to uplift others during the sunless days of bleak winters.  I want to give just as trees give and comfort others.

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