Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ouch- Dumb Hurts

They say dumb hurts.  Well, it does and in my case there's no exception.  Throw in luck or the lack of it, and you get a taste of my situation.  I've had streaks of good luck and ill fortune as well.  The latter will be discussed first.

Ever hurt yourself?  No, I mean hurt yourself, then stupidly hurt yourself again in the exact same spot on your body.  Take for instance, my right second toe.  

My right second toe already was sticking out a little bit at the joint from countless times of going up on pointe and twirling in a circle.  So, it was no surprise when I kicked a board in taekwondo wrongly and injured it.  Now, you would think all the swelling and pain would have me avoid striking this specific area again.

Ha, so not the case for me.  Luck be at it, I struck it twice more.  That's how smart I am or rather dumb at avoiding pain.   The toe throbbed and turned purple.  Mind you, all the repeated injuries happened within a month and half span of time.  Hopefully, I've learned my lesson to not self-inflict harm on an already tender area.  With luck by my side, perhaps this will be the case for me.  And luck has eventually been on my side in other aspects of my life.

I've been lucky to be able to write again after a health setback.  There was a time when I was so sick I couldn't write a sentence and mentally function well.  I had trouble remembering things I would see on the big screen and overall this became an issue for me.  Luckily, over time with proper treatment, I was able to piece words together into a sentence and write as I got well.  Also, my memory improved and I flourished.

Overall, I find I have been blessed with friends and family that are supportive and nurture me during my down-on-my-luck moments.  With thoughts and prayers coming from their way, I no longer doubt that I will be tip toeing around much longer in pain.

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