Thursday, May 12, 2016

Aging Thoughts

Today, is a day filled with friendship birthdays.  I'm not sure of their ages, but what I am sure of is my own age.  I'm getting up there, and I won't look good for long.  I already have to dye my hair.  And yes, I'm complaining here.  I do notice my older self and the subtle changes in my physique.  I have a slightly rounder rear end. Even though I am conscious of these, I am a believer that my attitude and perspective, yet above all love defines who I am.  It makes or breaks me.  Not my few gray hairs.  I feel that I need to rely on the tangible and non-tangible traits to affirm who I am and my utter value as a person or child of God.

It's time to have goals and aspirations in making not just myself a better person, but others too.  It is time to seek the good in life and in others.  It is time to stand for something and create a spark of interest in saving our lives from the dark side of things.  It is now or never to stand and be timeless in this world.

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