Wednesday, May 11, 2016

An unborn child- does it feel pain at 20 weeks old?  Enough to suffer agony when aborted?  That is the argument brought up in Utah.  Does a fetus have a well developed enough nervous system to feel pain and warrant certain measures to take place during the course of an abortion?

Utah has passed a law stating that fetuses are to have anesthesia administered to them for an abortion that takes place at 20 weeks old or older.  This became law just yesterday.

Doctors are arguing that this humanizing the fetus and the law should be tossed aside. They are required in Utah, to inform the pregnant woman that her baby could possibly feel pain and they need to administer a painkiller so it does not suffer from the abortion procedure.  What do you think?

I believe that humans have a right to a painless surgical procedure.  A fetus is a human in my view.  I also believe that there are other options to having an abortion.  Every life counts and adoption is a wonderful alternative to committing abortion.

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